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Visual Diary: English Cities

Hi! Here is a compilation of some photographs I took during my trips to cities around the UK. This post has been on my drafts for over 6 months now and I think it’s time for them to be released out there for the world to see 🙂 These were some of the places I spent my happy moments in throughout the last year – when I had the time to explore in-between my uni assignment modules. All photos were taken with Sony A6000/iPhone camera. Photography is something I’ve always wanted to get better at but never really had the time to properly learn. Definitely something to add to my 2020 goals! Hope you enjoy them!

St. James Park, London – Just a few minutes walk from The Buckingham Palace
St. James Park, London
Westminster Abbey, London
The London Eye
City Center, Birmingham
Corn Exchange in Leeds
Corn Exchange, Leeds
Covent Garden, London
Editted - Tower Bridge Bird (1 of 1)
Tower Bridge, London
St. Ives Cornwall
St. Ives, Cornwall
Luss Village in Scotland
Luss Village, Scotland
R1-04692-009A- (1 of 1)-4
Highland Cow spotted at Luss village, Scotland
R1-04692-009A- (1 of 1)-5
Scottish Highlands
R1-04692-009A- (1 of 1)-6
Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool

Visual Diary: Summer in Japan

My first time travelling to Japan was during a very hot summer in July. I spent 10 days starting in Tokyo – Hokkaido (Sapporo) – Osaka and ended in Kyoto. There were endless things to see and spending only 10 days there was far from enough. One does not simply go to Japan and not have a strong desire to go back, I bet there must be some gigantic magnet placed somewhere in the country. The only reason I am making this as a photo-series and not a blog entry is because I honestly only went to the main touristy places and since we wanted to see as many things as we could, the trip was quite rushed. So much to do & eat, but so little time! Here’s to hoping that one day I get to experience living in this land of amazing food. Someday, somehow 🙂

— Photos below are posted in non-chronological order. All taken by me, unless I am in it, then it would be taken by my fabulous Dad.

Japanese school girls on a field trip to Farm Tomita, Nakafurano (2,5 hours bus ride from Sapporo).
Lavender Ice Cream! When asked by a friend what it tasted like, I responded “It tastes like Lavender!”. To which they responded “I knew you were gonna say that”. Hehehe.
Farm Tomita, Nakafurano, Hokkaido. What a shame the weather was so cloudy!
Lavender hill at Nakafurano-Choei flower field. Costs 400 yen to ride up the hill with a single-chair lift.
Street artist painting two Native American street performers at Odori Park, Sapporo.
Strolling around Arashiyama to see the bamboo grove, Kyoto.
A beautifully costumed-tourist dressed as a Geisha at the bamboo grove.
Entrance of the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto.
Wishing tags. Foxes were believed to be the messenger of Inaris.
Making my way through thousands of Torii gates. Hahah jokes, I didn’t make it to the top.
Osaka Castle, Osaka.
Somewhere in Osaka. Honestly can’t recall which neighborhood this was at.
Cosplay girls at Harajuku, Tokyo.
Afternoon hangs
Cutest shop signs at Dotonbori Shopping Arcade.
The cats of Ginza perfecture.
Cute cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Dotonburi Shopping Arcade.
An unusual fruit/nut spotted at the Nishiki Market, Kyoto.
Yummy Mochi Matcha, Nishiki Market.
Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset
Tsukiji Fish Market is an absolute heaven-on-earth for sashimi & sushi lovers.
Me getting caught in act at Dotonbori River.
Some cute crab decor in front of a restaurant.
Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Thank you for scrolling through these photos! Hope you enjoy them xx